Self-Stand Display

Self-Stand Displays are designed for retail stores, pharmacies, and other large-scale retail applications, maximising product visibility and brand effectiveness, much more than traditional shelf-displays.

Counter Display Unit

Counter Display Units are designed for counter-tops and desks, to capture the attention of customers while queueing –an important moment in influencing their purchasing patterns.

Stand and Promo Stand

The stand must make the greatest possible visual impact in order to effectively “show to sell” and communicate brand messaging to customers. Our unique concept represents a three-dimensional approach to brand promotion: colours, lights, design and other audio-visual effects all play a part in presenting products and services.

Logo Creation

A professional logo is crucial in establishing immediate brand-recognition. Our job is to create a logo for your brand that inspires trust and establishes a sense of your brand’s superiority when compared with your competitors. We can also help (you) determine an effective slogan for your brand to reinforce your identity and individuality in the market place.

About us

Italian Display is based in Perugia and specialises in the design and production of customised brand-imaging, neon signs, display towers and signage totems. Having acquired industry-leading Termoform, our dynamic and modern approach benefits from more than 30 years of experience in the advertising arena, and a versatile team of specialised professional technicians, graphic designers and project managers.


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