Sturdy and long-lasting displays, tailored to the client’s requests and requirements. Designed primarily for indoor environments and ideal for promotion in retail stores, shopping mall installations and product/brand presentations.

display units

These units are smaller and ideally placed within easy reach of customers, and make an excellent addition in maximising brand and product visibility, ensuring the effectiveness of the installation.

Stands and
Promo Stands

Our unique concept represents a three-dimensional approach to brand promotion: colours, lights, design and other audio-visual effects all play a part in presenting products and services.

Neon signs
signage totems

Neon Tower Signs: these signs are designed to convey your company’s primary commercial message with a visually striking and captivating design.


A professional logo is crucial in establishing immediate brand-recognition. Our job is to create a logo for your brand that inspires trust and establishes a sense of your brand’s superiority when compared with your competitors. We can also help determine an effective slogan for your brand to reinforce your identity and individuality in the marketplace.


We can also provide specialised website, ecommerce and web-portal design. We can take care of graphic design, brand imaging and communication, and build websites that display appropriately on various devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).