About Us

Italian Display – Soluzioni per il tuo brand

Italian Display is based in Perugia and specialises in the design and production of customised brand-imaging, neon signs, display towers and signage totems. Having acquired industry-leading Termoform, our dynamic and modern approach benefits from more than 30 years of experience in the advertising arena, and a versatile team of specialised professional technicians, graphic designers and project managers.

From simple briefs to captivating projects

All of our display units are produced with custom-made designs, materials and graphics. Our main goal is that we provide you with display units that truly enhance the visual representation of your unique brand and products, so for each of our clients we put together complete, comprehensive and tailor-made proposals.

Company mission

You write it “Italian Display”, you read it “the best possible advertising for your brand”.

Our mission is to craft for all our clients truly excellent promotional tools from simple and intuitive display systems. And thanks to our extra-special attention to detail in optimising our production processes, we can offer our clients the best possible price/performance ratio whilst never sacrificing quality.

Adaptive creativity, functionality and effectiveness for the greatest possible product position in the marketplace: these are the core values of the Italian Display team. We always keep our clients’ identities and objectives at heart and give all the support we can through the entire design and production process. We want to ensure that our clients not only feel cared for, but can get a real sense of our dedication to delivering outstanding finished products.

This is exactly what inspires our abundance of attention to detail in terms of meeting your unique requirements. It is with this consultative approach that we are able to ensure our clients can truly capitalise on our years of expertise, and not only meet but exceed their brand communication objectives.

Thanks to our ever-growing port-folio of clients, Italian Display has experience with many market sectors: pet, pharmaceutical, food, sport and leisure, clothing, phones, and other consumer electronics products, and many more.