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self-stand display

We designed and produced this plastic self-stand display with a modular rodded frame and semi-oval shelves.

Its load capacity allows to contain 160 spray cans/canisters and two 5-litres oil tanks.

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LA MAISON DES ESSENCES – self-stand display

This new self-stand display for perfumes has a structure that can be disassembled, so that it can be packed and transported easily. The display is composed of a transparent, modular pipe frame, rectangular plastic shelves and thermoformed cavities to place the products.

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PERITE ESSENCE – Counter Display Unit

This display unit is made entirely of black and transparent plastic material. It has been designed to display perfume spray bottles for men and women, and thanks to its simplicity can effectively showcase all the different fragrances and communicate brand messaging.

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VEGETALLUMINA – Counter Display Unit

The counter display unit has been designed with small dimensions and contained costs.

The display unit has been designed for pharmacy counter-tops.

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